Testimonial 1 :

By: Mr. Kishor Paul (Advocate in Gujarat high Court. Ahmedabad)

I am thankful to Smithaa ji that she give nice treatment in the session of counselling and in cleansing aura. That was a divine experience for me. After your best effort my blocked chakras are opened. What you suggested to me beautiful tips for better life, I am following the same and I am visualising & feel the change in my life within 48 hours only. Its just miracle for  me. This happened due to your best effort, power of divine energy. God's grace flows from you Smithaa ji and I feel divine power from you so you deserves all my compliments.

Testimonial 2:

From: Devika Rele (Executive in a Pvt Comp.Mumbai)

When I went to meet Smitaji my spine was paining a lot, the whole body was feeling heavy like a stone, the chest was paining a lot, there was burning sensation in my eyes and headache. But after just 1 hour of the session, my whole body had relaxed, the chest pain was gone. I didn't have any a headache or burning in the eyes. My whole body and mind were totally relaxed and at peace.


Testimonial 3 :

From: Rita Tiwari Pandey (Reiki Master and Pranic healer Mumbai)

Thank you Smithaa M Chaturvedi. The experience was truly amazing. You made me understand how Universe works to our advantage. The Shamanic travel which we did together...you meeting my parents & Tauji(Uncle). I feel blessed that they are there for me. They may not be physically present but their concern for me is still so real.

You gave Reiki healing to my son Yogesh Pandey in the night & made him well so fast. I now have to let go of all my old thinking habits. Next time when we meet, you will see me as a new person. Thank you very much.

Testimonial 4: 

By a Reiki student who is a Bank employee:

"Smithaa is the best spiritual guide and best Reiki guru I have met!
Her workshops are excellent.
Her teachings are most valuable and helpful in day to day life and can help one change one's own perceptions for better living and help to move ahead. "

Testimonial 5:

Testimonial from a Reiki student Smita Kale (Engineer):

Dear Smithaa Ma'am, Thank you for teaching me Reiki.
You are a very spiritual soul with God Gifted Healing Power, I felt blessed in your presence and Aura.
I feel so loved as you are always available for healing and teaching spirituality to us Students and also to the society.
I am glad that I found a Guru who is very particular in her teachings and encourages the same sincerity in her students.
You healed me very magically and I experienced the change within moments as if I have got a new life.
The way you applied all your knowledge related to Reiki, Crystals, Clairvoyance, Shamanism to give me the best results was amazing. 
I feel blessed to have such a selfless and Great Reiki Master🙏.

Testimonial 6

By an attendee of The Spiritual Makeover 

Hi, I am Sonali from Bhandup, working as a French language expert and social activist by spirit
I had a wonderful experience at the Spiritual Makeover workshop with Divine Vibrations. 
Smithaa the Highly spirited lady took a really fun approach to working on our inner self-blockage and made us discover various never imagined areas of meditative possibilities. 
I came to know about crystals, Shamanism, dispacho, met my inner child, saw a glimpse of my future, and surprisingly agreed to give up on all past grudges...
I also learned about the abundant impact of forgiveness and love! I would recommend this 2 days workshop for everyone.
Thanks Smithaa

Testimonial 7

From a Reiki student Tushar Phatak a finance professional.

Hi, Smithaa I had a wonderful experience with learning Reiki 1 & 2 under your guidance.

I experienced great power in Reiki 2. I will narrate one incident. 
I was traveling back home one night. It was raining cats and dogs that day. I wanted to reach home safely and it was raining nonstop for 3 hrs. I performed reiki with power symbol, and prayed for the rains to stop. Within 3 minutes to my disbelief, the rains stopped instantly. I was very happy and amazed such is the power of Reiki. If the intent is clear then reiki does help in a great way. I would definitely recommend this marvelous energy learning to my friends.

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