Reiki Grand Master | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Medium

Shamanic Practitioner | Tarot Card Reader | Numerologist

Science to spirituality isn't a journey for Smithaa, because for her they are two sides of the same coin. She started her Career as a lecturer of zoology at the age of 22, in some of the most prestigious colleges of Mumbai.

She has worked in Multinational companies for 3 years in sales and marketing, while simultaneously starting her own Corporate Gifting Venture, “Savvy Effects”. This venture has been quite successful having served various big corporates. She also dabbled in Import and export.

However, her quest for something more meaningful and deeper moved her towards spiritualism and healing. She is a trained and certified Reiki Grand Master since 22 yrs., Professional Life Coach following ICF Competencies, Numerologist, Shamanic Practitioner, Tarot & Angel Card Reader, Pendulum Dowser, Aura Cleanser & Energizer, A Medium and Chakra Healer & Aligner.

She then founded “Divine Vibrations” - a platform which is dedicated to helping people to increase their emotional & spiritual quotient.

Divine Vibrations conducts workshops, seminars and group meditation meet-ups for corporates and individuals.

She has done corporate training for many famous Companies and organized individual workshops and seminars in various cities all over India.

She has also published a book on spirituality called My Soul Musings.

She is the Chairperson of the Mumbai Chapter of All ladies league and Women Economic Forum. As Chairperson she had organized an Entrepreneurs seminar and award function felicitating many women from all fields including the Chief Guest Mrs Amruta Fadnavis. She has also organized an Expo and award function giving women a chance to showcase their talents.

She has been the Chief Editor and assisted in the launch of “The Bliss Equity Lifestyle” Magazine.

She has clients all over India and in many other countries too. She runs a group called “Urban Spirituality” which teaches people to integrate spirituality into the urban lifestyle.

She has been recently interviewed by Radio One as a Women of Strength.

She has received prestigious awards like “The Women of Worthiness” award for Reiki and life coaching,

“ISHMA global award” for Clairvoyance and Shamanic healing.

Business Diva award for Excellence in Holistic healing.

Lifetime Achievement award for Holistic healing

Her clients include many celebrities, Film and TV personalities, and heads of companies.

She is also involved in a lot of charity and philanthropy, giving time and resources to the underprivileged.

Her busy schedule does not deter her from pursuing other interests in life including dancing (Kathak), which she started learning at the age of 43. She is also trained in many western dance forms and is an Adventure sports enthusiast.

She writes poems and blogs and makes free tarot card reading videos on her YouTube channel Divine Vibrations.

She also has a podcast channel Divine Vibrations on iTunes, Spotify and many other channels.

She also paints and her latest interest is in playing the Djembe.

She writes poems and blogs and has made her own website and promotional video.

She also paints and her latest interest is in playing the Djembe.

Love n Light !