Workshops and Retreats for Personal and Spiritual growth

As we make our way through life we encounter challenges, dilemmas, and impasses born of confusion and indecision because we are carrying the weight of early life situations that are unresolved. As we pass through stages of maturity this baggage is increased until it becomes overwhelming and intolerable to carry. Often this is the reason, consciously or unconsciously, that we seek psychological and spiritual help.

The first task of therapy and healing is to help you to shed this baggage. The second is to enable you to reach your full potential, to experience personal fulfilment, happiness and satisfaction, and help you to achieve wholeness. Unhappiness, depression, anger, fear, sadness, hurt, and pain can all be transcended since they are rooted in early life dilemmas based on dependency that are historical and anachronistic.

We offer a fresh approach to psychological and spiritual growth and development that is uniquely formed to offer an innovative and wise means for us to enter a new chapter in humanity’s individual and collective development. All the methods are simple to understand, easy to do and less time consuming to suit the urban spiritualists.

This page lists day workshops, weekend workshops and retreats. The workshops are intended to deepen and enrich through insight and understanding, experiential, intellectual emotional and spiritual. The weekend workshops and Retreats take place in a beautiful and peaceful setting in a Farm house or Hotel at weekends.

To help you decide which workshop is right for you, consider which theme attracts you most. If you are entirely new to personal growth, Inner Child healing is the best place to start. All the workshops are open to beginners or those with experience of inner work, individuals, couples or groups.

Please also see the courses for further exploration and deepening on your inner journey.

Our Workshops

Recreate ME- to build a strong you

strong individuals make strong organizations
10 sundays /10 sessions
A 10 step approach to build your core foundation and a strong you

The self Love Mantras Workshop

Heal your shadows to heal yourself
Learn to recognize your shadow self/ blocks/ obstacles Learn to accept, integrate and heal your shadow side Learn 10 most important secrets to increase selflove Increase your self confidence, self esteem and self worth Awaken your creativity and hidden powers Online workshop 5 days 5 sessions of 1.30 hrs

Inner Child Healing workshop

Do you sometimes feel Helpless, lonely, desperate, scared, angry, suicidal, etc. The great Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh says: The cry we hear from deep in our hearts comes from the wounded child within. Healing this inner child’s pain will transform all negative emotions.
Get control of your emotions, heal your inner child, improve your relationships, re discover your happiness and innocence again
A weekend retreat held at a beautiful resort in the midst of nature.

Joint family parenting workshop

If you are living in a joint family and there is a power struggle over your child with the grandparents...This is for you 1 day 3 hrs session

Moving towards abundance workshop

If you wish to attract more money, a better job, your dream house or car, fulfilling relationships,...This is for you
1 day workshop

Chakra energizing and meditation workshop

Chakras are the energy centers of the body, which govern the physical, mental , emotional and spiritual health of the individual…For your overall wellbeing
1 day workshop

The Spiritual Makeover

spiritual retreat to elevate the soul
Learn to use the POWERFULL full moon energy by using ancient Vedic and Shamanic techniques to… Reinvent your life, clear karmas Remove blockages and obstacles Attract Love, Money and Abundance Manifest your Goals
A weekend retreat held at a beautiful resort in the midst of nature.

The Goddess Workshop

For those women who wish to:
Go within and recognise their inner power and divinity, Awaken the sleeping goddess within, Shine in their full glory
A weekend retreat held at a beautiful resort in the midst of nature.

Positive parenting workshop

If you are a parent and your child is too stubborn, cranky, throws tantrums, disrespects elders, lies...This is for you 1 day 2 hrs session

Stress elimination workshop

for adults and students) If the office, home, financials, relationships or studies are over whelming and stressing you out...This is for you
1 day workshop

Manage your Aura workshop

Aura is the energy field surrounding your body. If you are feeling disturbed, tired, drained out, Can't concentrate on anything, restless, unwell but nothing is diagnosed...This is for you
1 day 3 hrs workshop